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  • Not so long ago, my friend Kevin cleaned out his wardrobe, which, due to his pack rat nature, was crammed with clothes he hadn't worn in more than a decade. Among the discarded were 25 sweaters that can generously be described as "hideous." Or, as one critic put it, "Bill Cosby would not wear this." Kevin's defense? "I worked at Marshalls in North Olmsted, Ohio, during high school and got a 15 percent discount. It was cold. It was the late '80s." The horror, the horror. Click here to see them, but be warned. Your eyes. The burning.

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December 08, 2008


the worst sheep

Hello friend,
You seem like a man who knows your sweaters--like a man who can see past the flawless crochet-work of a finely-knitted sweater to the true ugliness that lies within. It is because of your sweater-connoisseur status that I feel comfortable recommending the website to you. I hope you find their collection to be as gloriously ugly as I have. Keep fighting the good fight.

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